Monday, March 13, 2017

How does it all end?

Whimper and bang, aside
How does it all end?
Has there been a being
who has delved that far?
Who has seen the close,
with the only open eyes?
Who has survived an alchemy,
concocted and left behind?
Who has travelled farther,
than the last one alive?

Tell me,how does it all end?

With all the lights out?
Or, just, here-
Within me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Seldom spry
the wary Spy
walks the fly
that trips on dye;

lets a sigh,
swears on a lie,
shimmies that tie,
only to die;

finds the sky,
moves the rye,
falls on Guy,
and says a 'Hi';

only, Guy is fly,
lives in a sty,
answers no 'why',
and throws one die;

so, tell me Spy,
will Guy cry,
as you go by,
when it's nigh?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Graves of Motivations.

These are dead motivations,
an amalgamation of the sleepless,
and the once soaring.
Benign in their askance,
these are encumbrances-
not to the petty, but to the truly magnificent.

Enchanced, inhibited and finally belittled,
the opportune perspire,
while being kissed by sullied despair.

The station passes, the lost askew,
buried in mulch after their slew,
to lie with those awaiting,
asking and beseeching, 
but shaking with feeling.

All these dead motivations,
so they thrive, as they are survive.
All these alive motivations,
so they survive, with the deprived.

Friday, February 19, 2016


You say you are in love with the wrong person,
you hope you will be in love at the right time

But all of this is just a fall,
No right; no wrong. 

That fall, is for yourself.

Hope it is.
You tell me.

Friday, January 15, 2016

All the Us.

"What you and I will do with each other will change everything for the others!"

"What you and I will do with each other is none of their business?"


"Got you."

"Guess I do too."

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This world will congregate and
whisper in your ear "I bless you."
The cheek of a gazillion,
to warrant a word of the mouth
by a simple slippage into that ear.

When this storm blows over,
and you are nothing,
this world will congregate yet again,
with whispers that will deafen.

preemptive actions, all forgone.
new in sense;fall-in, fall-out
< ... > 

World. Together.
Impervious. All-watching.
Remember. Remember.
Words. Senses.
Sickness. Disparage.
Loss. Loneliness.
Shame. Fear.
Words. Senses.

Remember. Speak.
Now, converse.


Ask:the time of your illness?
Answer: Back then.
Ask:get better?
Answer: Probably now.

Diagnose. Conclude.
Follow. Follow.

a: been sick of yourself
b: got better
c. this is a fruit

Diagnosed. Concluded.
Lesson. Learnt?

Will not be allergic to mineself.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Careful Feelings.

They told him that he felt too deeply.

He stood on a mantle and pored into a caustic recess,
searching for one bold stroke that would justify his meanderings.

Sorrow, an impasse, was not the word in his vocabulary,
for he had forgotten that he could feel, let alone
give a name to his purgatory.

Watching the scene unfold, he stood in the cave,
await in a catch, forlorn and dark,
musty in recklessness,perhaps a wait for a save?

Alone and plain, dawdling in the told known,
he steps outside his horde of brawling demons,
to the scared and tentative unknown.

Like gold, that glittered, 
and flustered and shimmered,
he simpered and quivered

...his fate forseen,
his luck untold...

They told him that he felt too deeply.

He believes them now, can you hear?
It is his song and note, a momentary dirge.

They had told him he felt too deeply.

But, alas.. I wish someone had told him,
that everyone felt too deeply, but it was not so for him!
What his dirge should have been, a fate foretold,was
only that he had cared too muchly.

The Countdown.

Ten of us had lived out our nine,
Nine of us split into eight;
Eight of us were in the laps of seven,
Seven of us slipped into six;
Six of us counted the five,
Five of us held up a four;
Four of us were a crowd of three,
Three of us came in with two;
Two of us held on to one,
One of us was alive.

Thus was---the story

One of them was dying,
Two of them clung onto one;
Three of them bullied the two,
Four of them crowded the three;
Five of them counted to four,
Six of them held up the five;
Seven of them slipped past the six,
Eight of them lapped up the seven;
Nine of them split up the eight,
Ten of them had used up their nine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This and That.

This river, that ocean.

This world, that universe.

To belong in difference,
to become in deference.

Oh,what love is this!

 Why,only a love like that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Of Relativity.

I imagine I die a little at the worst of times;
While the Universe descends,
and there are shadows calling in the far.

While it may seem like the Universe is slipping away,
it really is never going to disappear.
Even the void is never empty-
you see, it is full of darkness.

I figure if I could see the darkness,
it could not really be the best of times;

But I figure that in all that's a slip,
where even the worst slid-a little to the back,
where it's easy to disappear in all the dark,
that's left behind.